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Calendar of Events

"Making Bachata Great Again"

Below is a select list of events where The Don has participated as a DJ / Instructor:

  • Chicago Salsa & Bachata Festival (USA)

  • Los Ángeles BKS Festival (USA) 

  • Aventura Dance Cruise (USA)

  • China Latin Dance Congress (China)

  • Hanoi International Latin Fiesta (Vietnam)

  • Hot Winter in Siberia (Russia)

  • Shanghai D&D Weekender (China) 

  • Japan Bachata Festival (Japan)

  • London Sexy & Sensual Latin Dance Festival (England)

  • Sydney Bachata Festival (Australia)

  • DC Bachata Congress (USA) 

  • New York Loves Bachata Weekender (USA)

  • Bachata TakeOver Burcharest (Romania)

  • Crazy Lion Bachakizz Festival (Sweden)

  • Turku Sensual Weekend (Finland)

  • Argentina Dance Love Festival (Argentina)

  • Dallas Bachata Festival (USA)

  • Texas Salsa Congress (USA)

  • Bachateando Dance Festival (USA) 

  • BK Touch Festival San Antonio (USA)

  • DC Zouk Festival (USA)

  • New Jersey BK Festival (USA)

  • Houston Salsa Congress (USA)

  • Austin Community Latin Dance Festival (USA)

  • BIG Salsa Festival (USA)

  • Alaska Salsa Festival San Antonio (USA)

  • New Jersey Bachata Festival (USA) 

  • The MOB Weekender (USA)

  • BIG Salsa Festival New York (USA)

  • Phoenix Bachata Festival (USA) 

  • Los Angeles Dance Fusion Festival (USA)

  • Evolution Dance Festival (USA)

  • Chicago International Salsa Congress (USA)

  • Orlando Bachata & Kizomba Festival (USA)

  • Baltimore Salsa & Bachata Congress (USA)

  • And Many More...

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