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Damian Guzman (The Don) is best known for his social dancing admiration and focus thru the world. During his childhood in Puerto Rico, he developed a special passion for salsa and bachata Carribbean-style. This passion led him to take his skills beyond the Caribbean style feeling to a more technical level since 2006. In 2011, he developed a special passion for Bachata Sensual which led him to pursue further understanding of this emerging style of bachata developed in Europe leading him to further training and dancing in Spain, France, Italy, and Germany becoming one of the first Bachata Sensual dancers in the United States. Eventually, his love and passion for this dance also led him to train to become one of the first certified bachata sensual instructors in the United States. The Don is also the founder of The MOB Dancers Group which comprises over 7,000 dancers in the US focused on Salsa & Bachata Social Dancing. As a dancer and DJ he has taught and shared his love for Bachata all around the world including over 100 dance Congresses thru the United States, England, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, and Aventura Dance Cruise, The Largest Latin Dance Cruise in The World.


As one of the first bachata sensual dancers in the United States. The Don is well known for his attention to detail while teaching to focus on the students needs of learning beyond the pattern and infuse their creativity and self-expression while dancing. 


The Don specializes in DJ services for bachata dance festivals, dance academies socials, and Latin Clubs.



Below is a select list of events where The Don has participated as a DJ / Instructor:

  • Chicago Salsa & Bachata Festival (USA)

  • Los Ángeles BKS Festival (USA) 

  • Aventura Dance Cruise (USA)

  • China Latin Dance Congress (China)

  • Hanoi International Latin Fiesta (Vietnam)

  • Hot Winter in Siberia (Russia)

  • Shanghai D&D Weekender (China) 

  • Japan Bachata Festival (Japan)

  • London Sexy & Sensual Latin Dance Festival (England)

  • Sydney Bachata Festival (Australia)

  • DC Bachata Congress (USA) 

  • New York Loves Bachata Weekender (USA)

  • Bachata TakeOver Burcharest (Romania)

  • Crazy Lion Bachakizz Festival (Sweden)

  • Turku Sensual Weekend (Finland)

  • Argentina Dance Love Festival (Argentina)

  • Dallas Bachata Festival (USA)

  • Texas Salsa Congress (USA)

  • Bachateando Dance Festival (USA) 

  • BK Touch Festival San Antonio (USA)

  • DC Zouk Festival (USA)

  • New Jersey BK Festival (USA)

  • Houston Salsa Congress (USA)

  • Austin Community Latin Dance Festival (USA)

  • BIG Salsa Festival (USA)

  • Alaska Salsa Festival San Antonio (USA)

  • New Jersey Bachata Festival (USA) 

  • The MOB Weekender (USA)

  • BIG Salsa Festival New York (USA)

  • Phoenix Bachata Festival (USA) 

  • Los Angeles Dance Fusion Festival (USA)

  • Evolution Dance Festival (USA)

  • Chicago International Salsa Congress (USA)

  • Orlando Bachata & Kizomba Festival (USA)

  • Baltimore Salsa & Bachata Congress (USA)

  • And Many More...

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